Product Spotlight – Elegant Sophisticated Urban Umbrellas


Urban environments are notorious for their lack of shade in courtyards, plazas, food courts and restaurant patios. When they do exist, they are usually inexpensive disposal umbrellas built to last until the first strong wind comes along. The inexpensive umbrellas provide very only a small amount of shade and only if you’re sitting in the proper alignment between the sun and the umbrella.

You may be wondering why this is an issue. It’s an issue because shade or the lack of shade affects whether people will visit a space, how long they will stay in that space and whether your public space exhibits a critical mass to attract other visitors. If you’re a restaurant, resort or shopping center, the amount of shade provided on your property can significantly affect your bottom line profitability.

A while back, we worked with a golf club who owned a southwest facing patio. When the golfers finished their rounds in the afternoons, they would visit other local establishments for food or drink if they had an interest in sitting outdoors. Did it affect their bottom line? You bet it did! The same can be said about retail districts, roof decks, community centers and other public spaces. It doesn’t appear to have an impact on the surface, but the lack of people in those public spaces limits their desirability as a preferred destination.

The solution – elegant and sophisticated Shademakers urban umbrellas (Division 10 10705 CSI Masterformat – Exterior Sun Control Devices). The types of umbrellas include cantilevered (sidepost) and center post mast supports. The umbrellas sizes range from 6’-0” to 18’-5”. The umbrella canopies are available in octagon and square shapes. The cantilevered or side post umbrellas of which there are three styles (Galaxy, Orion and Sirius), offer 360 degree canopy rotation for maximum shade protection. These models have oval support mast like sailboats for strength and durability. When these umbrellas are not in use, the canopies hang vertically like a pea pod and can easily removed for storage. All models (including the Astral, Corona and the ceiling hung Nova Series) are wind rated (6 to 8 on the Beaufort Wind Rating Scale) and include options for in-ground surface, deck and portable installation mounting.

Although the cantilever umbrellas are more expensive than the typical throw away center post umbrellas, they are built to last and replacement parts are readily available. The sidepost umbrellas – Galaxy, Orion and Sirius models have 10 year warranties. The center post umbrellas – Astral and Corona and hanging Nova styles have five year warranties. All are available in Sunbrella, Sattler and O’bravia 46” awning grade fabrics. COM (Customer Own Materials) are welcomed. The mast are available in Silver Shadow, Architectural Bronze, Urban Black and special order Towne Taupe.

Interested in more information about cantilevered or sidepost umbrellas, Contact Streetscapes, Inc.

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