Eye Catching Public Furniture


This past week, we were involved in multiple conversation involving the question – are there other companies out there offering products that are similar to yours. My response is typically no, not really. There are outdoor furniture manufacturers offering different individual items here and there, but not to the extent that we do. The response I usually receive after answering is – I don’t think so either.

As you may know, we market Streetscapes, Inc. as a company offering distinctive furniture and site amenities for public and pedestrian spaces. In our world it means – we are offering eye catching, show stopping, is it art or furniture, cool looking furniture that speaks to people. In a world of knock offs and look-a-like products, our products stand out.

But great design and good looks is only part of the story. Our streetscape, deck and garden, recreation and parks, passenger and pedestrian amenities furniture evokes emotion which activate public spaces with action, energy and movement. These products encourage people to create new friendships, generate new idea, exchange knowledge and best of all relax in a tech driven fast is great world. They also scream out to everyone who willing to listen that we’re different, we’re unique and like beautiful people all over the world, they crave attention.

Curious? Take a peek at streetscapes.biz, view our public furniture catalog or explore the masterformat furniture codes. Then tell us what you think.

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