Creating Destination in Public Spaces

Erlau Public Seating

We all have favorite restaurants, stores or other places that we visit because they feel comfortable to us. Perhaps the restaurant has a particular type of food that we enjoy or the clothing store has a particular clothing brand that compliments our body type or a favorite seating place allows us to have a conversation. Call it character – the combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another or personality – the distinctive atmosphere of a place or situation. Public spaces can and do have character and personalities. And it’s that personality or character that determines whether we’ll visit that particular place again and how long we’ll remain there when and if we return.

Over the next couple of months, Streetscapes, Inc. will transform its marketing message from “distinctive furniture and site amenities” into “creating destinations in public spaces”. We have always highlighted the connection between community assets, local demographics, active transportation; public aesthetics and functional site amenities as the key to creating vibrant public spaces. Our new market message will better reflects the diversity of our involvement in creating public destinations. Our experience with community dialogue, walking audits, on-site observations; local activities, active transportation and the proper selection of furniture and site amenities creates a new dynamic in crafting new or reclaiming existing public spaces.

The attempt to “fix” most struggling public spaces almost exclusively involves changing it’s character by changing a single element identified as the primary problem. However, those quick fixes invariably fail. Creating public destinations demand a dynamic multi-faceted approach to identifying the issue(s) and crafting a comprehensive solution to address each issue. Our expertise in public spaces combined with community dialog, site audits, visual observations and event management brings a fresh set of eyes to creating public destinations. We bring conceptual plans drawn at 30,000 feet down to earth.

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